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  Tian Jin Fute Electric CO.,LTD welcome your visit!

  The FuTe electric company of TianJin is a privately owned high-tech company which worked on industry electrical drives, development of automation complete sets of equipment, manufacture, sale and service. It is a
specialization entity corporation that integrated opening up, produce、design、 produce、sale、system integration、 debug and service.

  The corporation is located at TianJin seaport which is the largest harbor in the north of china, here the geographical position is advantageous, and the traffic is developed, so it very convenience for personnel staff intercourse and freightage.
  As The healthy,steadily and flourishing developing,we have Penetrating into the province of automatic control technique and PC technique,high-tech business development scale have took shape.
  The corporation have a high quality and high skill and full of youthful spirit Technological development troops, most of people in it have took a long time of work on industry automatic control system development, development and the application that automatic control technique and calculating machine technique more than 90% of the staff have University specialized subject record of formal schooling.
  As a professional company that develop ,design and integration manufacture automation control system ,we with the richest technical personnel, the most dependable produce quality , the briefest commodity feeding cycle , the strenuously powerful price of contest and the most comprehensive technical service , achieved the promise of numerous consumers. since years, we had supplied lots of high performances and greats quantity and high criterion electric outfit and the considerate consummate technical service to domestic metallurgy , electric power , mineral oil , spaceflight , machine and food and so on professions , and acquired the outstanding achievement.
  Particularly in the domain of automation control of metallurgy profession, the company had supplied the whole set of control system to numerous consumers and obtained very good rating .that contends the system of blast furnace raw material, the control system of steel smelted , the furnace dust exclusion system converter smelted system ,founding control system ,the product line of Strong materialthe product line of band steel, the product line of broad an thick plate and the reversible cold roll assembly line.
  Company always persistence technique innovation, keep on improvement, realizationed the product systematize, assembly of products and diversification of our products .The company believe firmly that quality always is the life of the business enterprise, customers satisfaction is the end target of the business enterprise, believing a market infinite, the innovation is infinite, the service is infinite.
  Since years, on the support of consumers the FUTE company developed speedily .with the modernized administration pattern, FUTE company will Resolute being eager to make progress make more progress and Pursue outstandingly also we will give more new technique and more new produce and the best serves back to our consumers We hope that we can establish enduring and sincere cordial relationship with domestic and international friends . Progress forward hand-in-hand, co-creat brilliance shoulder-to-shoulder!

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